Three updates from Touchbase

Touchbase will be making some changes over the next few weeks that you need to be aware of.

Later this month, Touchbase will be eliminating the SMS reply code that you may have seen in some Touchbase text messages. Currently, text messages are sent with both a short URL link as well as an SMS reply code. By the end of June, the reply code will no longer be included, but you’ll still get the short URL, which is more reliable.

As well, support for pagers will no longer be available through Touchbase. This is because the major carriers (Telus, Rogers, Bell) will no longer be supporting pagers as of the end of June. There are only a handful of our members with this option activated and the FVREB Helpdesk will be contacting them directly.

Finally, Touchbase is giving their admin interface, which is the dashboard for offices, a ‘fresh coat of paint’ with updated colours, fonts and design. No learning curve here – the features and functions remain the same.

Did you know? There’s a Touchbase app available in the iOS and Google Play stores for free. When you activate the app, the last 30 days of conversations and your listings will automatically sync up. Talk to Helpdesk for more tips or 604-930-7626.