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There’s Still Time to Register for Safety Tips and Techniques to Keep You Safe

One of the best parts of being a REALTOR® is the relationships you build with clients. However, working with complete strangers or working alone can be a risk to your safety.

Have you ever felt pressured to meet prospective clients at a time and place of their choosing? REALTORS® assume most strangers will become clients and that they’re interested in the property. There are a handful of incidents that have occurred that show how easily REALTORS® can find themselves in dangerous situations.

This three-hour, self-directed PDP course looks at how real estate professionals can reduce the risk of being targeted. You’ll learn best practices for vetting prospective clients and steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of getting into an unsafe situation while on the job. Through a few simple safety practices, you can have the peace of mind to move forward with promoting your business and selling homes with confidence.

Learning Objectives
● Describe the legal definition of harassment and when to get police involved.
● Apply effective communication skills when in a precarious situation.
● Understand the need for active situational awareness and safety planning.
● Apply tips and techniques to minimize your safety risk at open houses, while working alone at the office, and while driving.

Instructor’s Bio
Shannon Cutler is a dedicated REALTOR® of six years who practices a successful business on Vancouver Island. Coming from an 18-year policing background in the RCMP, Shannon is uniquely positioned to offer guidance and real-life experience in high-risk areas associated to REALTORS®. Shannon recognizes the inherent risks REALTORS® face and has used her experience to develop sound principles that both new and seasoned REALTORS® can employ to enhance their personal safety.

REALTOR® Safety Tips and Techniques to Keep you Safe
June 28, 2023 | 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Zoom Webinar
Instructor: Shannon Cutler
3 PDP Self-Directed Hours

To register for the course go to the TLC Calendar.