Tech Tip: Inventory Search – Preview your own listings, current and past

Have you ever wanted to look at past listings you’ve worked on? Or even just see what your current inventory looks like? You can do that!

First, in Paragon, begin your search  by selecting the Search Icon and choosing Inventory.


In the Inventory Search Criteria page, select “Your own Listings” in the Listing Owner Field.  You can choose the required status of sold or active or both, as well as customize date range fields by List Date, Expiry Date, Sold Date, etc to get the specific results you’re looking for. (For required fields such as “Selling / Listing”, use the drop down selection to choose the appropriate status such as  Listed, Sold, etc.)

Please note: To successfully perform the search, all required fields must be populated. From there, your desired results will be displayed and you can look at information on prior or current listings as needed.