Tech Tip: Improvements to Touchbase group messaging implemented on Tuesday, March 23

As you know, Touchbase has been experiencing delays with group messages sent to smart phones via Short Message Service (SMS) (text messages), particularly to Rogers and Fido subscribers. Touchbase has been working over the last few months to reduce these service interruptions, which are due to a combination of factors including historical text volumes, increased use of the new notice on property feature, and anti-spam rules.

In particular, notices on properties are long, detailed messages that require an average of three text messages for delivery.

In response, Touchbase will shorten the length of text notifications for notices on properties by allowing hyperlinks to be shared (similar format as other types of text messages). By reducing text message notifications to a maximum of 160 characters from the current 300 characters, notices on properties sent by users will also be reduced to one from three text messages.  

Notices on properties will include the following:

  • Notice on property
  • Address of the property
  • A hyperlink to open the details

Touchbase is confident that this small change will greatly improve the quality of text message delivery while adding only one click to your regular routine.

As always if you have any questions or require assistance, contact the FVREB Helpdesk at 604-930-7626.

Sources: FVREB IT & Communications