New ‘property hotness’ tool introduced in the latest release of Paragon

Yes, you read that correctly. You now have access to a new Price Analysis Widget as part of Paragon 5.86, the most up to date version of Paragon released on December 7.

This final update for 2021 includes a number of minor logical wording changes sprinkled throughout Paragon, as well as a number of design improvements, however two larger enhancements stand out from the rest.

One is the price analysis tool mentioned above and the other is a brand new look and interface for Paragon Connect. Let’s review both.

  1.  Price Analysis Widget

Wouldn’t it be great to know whether a price change would garner more interested buyers? This tool is intended to do that.

From your Listing Input Maintenance screen, select the Price Analysis button.

It opens an interactive modal window displaying Potential Buyers in Paragon. This tool evaluates all potential buyers based on current saved searches in Paragon, Paragon Connect and any searches saved by clients in the Collaboration Center. Saved searches of course capture what clients are looking for – location, characteristics, and price range.

Within the Price Analysis window, the property’s current price is displayed. Leaving the price as is, you can see how many prospective buyers there are right now.

To see how many more potential buyers a new price could attract, lower the price and click the ‘Recalculate Buyers’ button.

Note: Clicking the “Use New Price” button will yield search results but does not change the listing price. Actual price changes still must be submitted either through Broker Load or the MLS® Department.   

Coming in 2022 in Paragon 5.87, Black Knight will be adding another metric to the Price Analysis widget called Location Score, which will display the relative ‘hotness’ of the postal area for the listing compared to other postal areas.

  1. Paragon Connect appearance mimics Google    

Your mobile version, Paragon Connect, now looks, and behaves like Google. You’ll notice that the design will seem familiar because it borrows heavily from Google’s interface – buttons, wording, and ‘hamburger’ drop-down menus. Similarly, your contacts list has been cleaned up and now looks like Gmail. (Hey, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.)   

 As always, if you have any questions about any Paragon updates, contact the Board’s Helpdesk at 604-930-7626.