Paragon Update 5.88 – Latest enhancements including improved functionality of archive listings

As of April 12, 2022, you are using the most up-to-date version of Paragon: 5.88. This update includes changes to the saved property search grid and improvements on Paragon Connect.

  1. Updates to the Saved Property Searches Grid

We’ve made some improvements to the “Saved Property Searches” grid to give you more information at a glance and improve workflow.

  • Changed the default filter to “My Searches”; you can still find all your MLS and Board defined searches by changing the filter
  • Sorted by “Modified” date, most recent at the top. No more scrolling through pages of old searches to find the latest
  • New column to show who created the search: MLS, Board, Me, your contacts in Collaboration Center.

2. Updated the Verbiage on Upload Associated Document Dialog Box

The verbiage in the dialog box for adding documents to a listing has been updated to reflect that Public documents will be available in the Collaboration Center as well as available for sharing via email.

3. Contact Comments Enhancements

Did you know your clients and you can make comments in the Collaboration Centre?

  • The rows in the “MLS” column now link to the Detail report for the property
  • A new column displays the last comment
    • The last comment shows the status read vs. unread (bold and bubble icon)
      • Once a comment has been ‘read’ the blue bubble will disappear and the text will be un-bolded
    • Clicking the last comment opens the “Comments in Context” dialog box

Changes to Paragon Connect®

4. Archive Listings

The buyer activity within the contact manager was recently updated to include a card containing counts from “Archived Listings.”

An “Archive Listing” is a listing your buyer marked as a favourite or possible that is not tied to a saved search. However, this marked listing has undergone a change in status from ”Active” to either ”Sold”, ”Expired”’, or ”Collapsed”.

Prior to the update, Archive Listings only included deleted or terminated listings.

With the update, Archive Listings will now include listings that have changed in status or the criteria of the listing has changed too much from the original criteria.

Since these are still important to your buyers, we have moved them into an “Archived Listing” section.  You will now find a card in the buyer activity that shows you a total count of archived listings.  You will also see a breakdown of the favourite and possible listings.

Your clients will receive an email if a favourite listing has undergone a status change.

Note: Undecided and rejected listings are not kept if the criteria of the search or listing are updated.

5. Display

As you migrate from mobile devices to large devices like laptops and desktops,  the thumbnail view goes from a single-column layout to a 2-column layout, allowing you to view more listings per page. 

6. Thumbnail View

The “Thumbnail View” on Paragon Connect has been revised to make it easier to navigate.

  • The fonts are larger and darker, making them easier to read
  • The status bar has been moved from the photo window to the listing info