Paragon Update 5.87 brings enhancements to Polygon Map and Paragon Connect

With the first Paragon update of 2022, which takes effect on February 23, members can expect minor design and functionality improvements, along with the following enhancements which will be of particular interest:  

  1. Mapping – Ability to add a point in Polygon Map Drawing tool

This new feature has been added to the Polygon drawing tool allowing users to delete end points. Prior to this, to modify a polygon, users had to either move the respective points to reshape the drawing OR start from scratch. With this update, users can right-click on an endpoint, which will give them a “Delete” option.  Selecting the option removes the point and the drawing updates, to exclude the deleted point.

2. Price Analysis tool now available on Paragon Connect

The “Price Analysis” feature introduced in the last update is now available in Paragon Connect.  This tool is helpful to determine pricing, by viewing the Potential Buyers and any available Automated Valuation Models (AVMs), if enabled. The feature can be accessed from the overflow icon in the top app bar of the full listing edit module.

“Potential Buyers” are based on current Paragon and Paragon Connect saved searches which include the property and are assigned to clients who are prospecting (and set up for auto-notifications).

Armed with the “Potential Buyers” and the AVMs, members can enter a New Price into the interactive widget and click “Recalculate Buyers” to determine the change in potential buyers.

3. Under Contact – Buyer Activity on Paragon Connect

The buyer section within the contact viewer has received a major upgrade. Prior to these enhancements, the buyer activity would take users to four circles, displaying the total numbers, categorized as undecided, favorite, possible, or rejected listings, specified by contact. This was a sum of all searches and archived matches, with no option to filter saved searches. With the upgrade, each search will be broken down to display the total number of listings, by category. Other details will show who created the search and when the last notification was sent. Each category can be clicked to reveal listings. 

As always, if you have any questions about any Paragon updates, contact the Board’s Helpdesk at 604-930-7626.