Paragon Tech Tip: How to use Listing Carts

Listing Carts have been a part of Paragon since its release, however recently they underwent some major changes that make their functionality more useful than ever before, and they are worth another look.

You can use a Listing Cart to save a listing you want to keep an eye on. You can do that by searching for the property/properties you wish to monitor. From either the individual or overall search results screen, select Save > Save to Listing Cart.

In the next screen, select the Listings To Add: Selected, All or Current. If you already chose the listings to monitor, choose Selected. Then, type in the name of an existing Listing Cart or create a new one.

Now, you can check on your Listing Carts at any time by going to the large Search icon > Saved Search > Listing Carts.

Share a Listing Cart with a client:

The new functionality of Listing Cart allows you to send information saved in Listing Carts directly to a client. You can use this feature when you have a client set up for an auto notification search, but you know of a property (s) that is slightly outside their search scope but could also be a great match, or a client only wants very specific properties sent to them.

Here’s how you share a Listing Cart with a client. After you have your search results and the property/properties selected, select Save > Save to Listing Cart, but now instead of saving it to yourself, select Contact. From there, select the Listings To Add: Selected, All, or Current. Then, type in the name of an existing Contact or create a new one.

Finally, click on Save and Notify.

You will then be brought to your client Buyer Activity page in Agent Recommended. By default, the result will go to your client as a Collab Center search result, but you can switch to Email notification by changing it from the drop-down menu. You also have the ability to change how the Collab Centre results will be sent to your client here.

Finally, the Listing Cart Agent recommended is set up. Your client can view this on their Collab Center page by changing the drop-down to Agent Picks or by simply leaving it on All Saved Searches.

If you have any questions, contact the FVREB Helpdesk at 604-930-7626.

Sources: FVREB IT & Communications