Paragon 5.90 – Updates for enhanced productivity

With the release of Paragon 5.90 on August 2, users will find a number of helpful enhancements to Paragon Connect including:

  • Hotsheet Alerts: Set alerts for when a new match has been found since the last time your hotsheet search was run.
  • Open House Management: Add or delete open houses right from Paragon Connect.

Searching Hotsheet:

The Hotsheet search in Paragon Connect has been upgraded to make it fully in sync with Paragon Desktop and includes new features not found on Paragon Desktop. New search functions such as Filter and Criteria have been added, with up to sixteen additional MLS-defined fields for the Criteria feature. There is also a new Filter container which consists of a list of Hotsheet types and statuses similar to Paragon Desktop. Several duration options are available when using the Hotsheet records.

  • Days Back: This allows you to search up to 999 days in the past.
  • Date Range: Select a start and end date or choose from the MLS-defined time frames.
  • Last Run: Track the last run date and run a search based on the last time Hotsheet was used.

My saved Hotsheet searches:

Hotsheet saved searches can now be found and edited, using the search icon located on the top right-hand corner. Members can add an alert for up to five Hotsheets to be notified when new matches are found based on your most recent Hotsheet search. Once an alert is added, a pink circle will appear, displaying the number of updates found. To remove an alert, select the overflow menu and select ‘remove alert’.  (Note: Alerts are not emailed or sent outside of Paragon Connect. This will be updated to include notifications in a future release.)

On the homepage, clicking on fire icon in the top app bar will take you to the Hotsheet Alerts page where alerts are ordered according to the most recent search run. Each alert contains two links:

  • Run: Runs the search and takes you to the thumbnail results
  • Load: Returns to the hotsheet search form and loads the criteria from this saved search.

Open House Creation/Management Feature

The 5.90 release allows you to easily create and manage open houses from the Listing Input Module on any device. To access the open house feature, select the overflow icon (three dots) on the LIM listing edit screen. On this page, you can create an open house, enter the date and time, and add comments. Just remember to enter a time zone, as this is a required field. Once your open house has been posted you can edit or delete it.

Once you have added your open house, you can add and save it to your device calendar!