Last call: FREE AUTOPROP & WEBForms® training

If you’ve been meaning to sign up for either of our free AUTOPROP or WEBForms® lab courses, now is the time!

Effective April 1, the Board will be discontinuing its free AUTOPROP hands-on courses and our WEBForms® courses – both Essentials and Advanced – will both revert back to the regular lab price of $69 + tax ($59 + tax with credit card) per course. Don’t worry, the WEBForms® courses aren’t going anywhere; we’ll continue to offer numerous courses every month.

Over the last seven to eight months, our free offerings were very well received. Over 1,500 members completed the WEBForms® Essentials course; over 120 took advantage of the Advanced course and 850 benefited from our free hands-on AUTOPROP training.

Final four FREE AUTOPROP courses

Between February 27 and March 31, we will be offering four, final AUTOPROP courses at the Board – two on March 4 and two on March 26. If you’re new to the app, it’s really helpful to take this course. And they are free! Register through the TLC Calendar.

After that, members who need guidance can rely on AUTOPROP’s dedicated Help Centre or their in-app Chat function – in the bottom right corner of any AUTOPROP window. They’ll respond live Monday to Friday 8 am to 5 pm.

We introduced the AUTOPROP app to our members last summer as another benefit of membership. As we do with the introduction of all new tech tools, we offered an initial phase of free training to help our members adapt. Now eight months in, demand no longer warrants offering the courses.

7 months of free WEBForms® training comes to an end April 1st

Starting in September 2019, to help with the roll-out of the new CREA WEBForms® platform, we offered our WEBForms® basics course for free and cut the price in half for our WEBForms® advanced course.

Effective April 1st, our two WEBForms® courses – Working with CREA WEBForms® Essentials and Advanced Hands on Training – will revert back to their regular rate of $69 + tax ($59 + tax with credit card.)

If you want to take advantage of the final few weeks of free Essentials courses and $39 + tax Advanced courses, the time is now. A reminder that this offer is for first-timers. If you’re taking either course for a second or third time – no freebies – the fee is the regular rate.

Currently there are multiple 3-hour courses – both Essentials and Advanced – being offered from March 3 through to 30 and as of this publication, there is still loads of space. Register through the TLC Calendar.