How to create a Transaction Kit to upload listings to the Vancouver Board using CREA WEBForms®

When creating a transaction kit for a listing outside of the Fraser Valley region, it’s critical that you select the correct Board where the property resides. Here’s how to do it!

1. Select Create Transaction Kit on the top right

2. Name the Transaction Kit. For example, ‘123 Main Street’.

3. After selecting how you’d like to create your Transaction Kit (Blank, Existing Template Kit, or Existing Transaction Kit), determine what region your listing falls under and select the appropriate Board in the ‘Board’ selection section. Please note: The system automatically defaults to Fraser Valley Real Estate Board.

It is critical that you select the correct Board prior to creating the Transaction Kit, otherwise you will have to restart from the beginning.

If you do not select the correct board when you try to upload your kit via Realtor Load (ADT), you will encounter errors and it will not upload to the correct area.

4. Additionally, there are two more optional sections to complete, Client’s Email and Listing by MLS Number or Address, before you create your Transaction Kit. Once you have filled in these optional selections, click on Create Transaction Kit.

5. From here, you can select the Add Forms option and continue with editing and uploading your kit.

Please remember, that it is absolutely critical that you select the correct board where the property resides before completing your Transaction Kit.

And that’s it! If you require further assistance with CREA WEBForms® or any other Board services, contact our Helpdesk at 604-930-7626 or