Hey, who moved “Assume Identity” in Paragon?

This is just one of the tweaks in the newest version of Paragon v5.73 launched October 9, 2019. “Assume Identity” functionality is still there; how you access it has changed. Plus, there are other time-saving improvements you should know about.  

1. “Assume Identity” now accessible through a drop-down menu

In the previous version of Paragon, to assume the identity of a Fraser Valley member, you clicked on the words “Assume Identity” in the top right corner. Those words have now disappeared. What you see now is the current username and photo icon (if you uploaded a photo) in the top right corner indicating who is logged in right now.

To assume the identity of another member, click on the current username to open a drop-down menu where you can select Assume Identity as one of the menu options. Once you select that, and log-in with the appropriate password, you’ll see that the username and photo in the top right corner has changed – to the person whose identity you’ve assumed.

The benefit of this change is that no matter what page you’re on in Paragon, the name and photo displays in the top right corner of every page. In the previous version, it was hard to tell who was logged in because the user’s name was only displayed once in the middle of the home page.

2. New enhancement for clients using Collaboration Centre 

This enhancement is for clients – and their REALTORS® – using the Collaboration Centre.  When clients receive your recommended listings via the Collaboration Centre, they can rate them. A heart means they love it, a question mark means it’s a ‘maybe’ and an X means they’re rejecting it.

Previously, the only place that you could see their feedback was within Paragon itself, in the search results of your auto-notification. Now, with this version of Paragon you can be notified by your client via email every time they rate a listing. Note: this is one of those features that you need to activate; it’s not automatic.

Client View from CollabCenter

Email view to Agent Notification

3. New pop-up reminder to share initial results in a Saved Search

Fraser Valley members love their auto-notifications to clients. One aspect of Saved (auto-notification) Searches that is frustrating is that the initial set of listings found in a search aren’t sent.

Once the Search is created and the recipient is selected, then and only then does the client start getting notifications about any new listings – but that initial first batch of listings captured by the Search don’t automatically go.

Black Knight has created a reminder pop-up box in green in the upper right corner, to remind you to manually email the initial set of listings. The instructions and the ‘click here’ are more direct, as is the ‘success’ message to indicate that you have successfully sent those initial results.

That’s a wrap for this month’s Paragon update! As always, if you have any questions or concerns related to Paragon or other Board tools, contact our very friendly Helpdesk at 604-930-7626 or helpdesk@fvreb.bc.ca

The next Paragon update is scheduled for early December.