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BCFSA Resources for Buyers and Sellers

As REALTORS®, we have a responsibility to protect and act in the best interest of our clients. When helping your clients through what will likely be the biggest purchase of their lives, providing them with simplified concepts and information can help break down what can be a very complex process.

These complexities include terms and rules like:

  • Rescission rights
  • FINTRAC identification requirements
  • Real estate teams
  • Confidentiality rules

The BCFSA has resources and tools that will help you explain to your client in plain language what the various obligations and rules are, and why they exist. These resources can help you be sure the information and explanations you are providing are current and accurate and will help eliminate any confusion.

You can also encourage your clients to review these resources early on in your working relationship to help prepare them and pre-empt any questions and concerns they may have.

Helpful BCFSA resources for your clients include:

  • Buyer and seller guides which can walk your clients step by step through a real estate transaction;
  • Consumer guides with detailed information on:
  • AML disclosure obligations
  • Agency disclosure obligations
  • Disclosure obligations
  • Radon disclosure obligation

In short, these resources will not only help protect your clients, but you as well.