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You need to be there for your client

We have become aware of a practice issue out there in REALTOR® Land. There seems to be an uptick of Buyer agents sending their clients to appointments to view homes unaccompanied by a licensee.

Allow us to quote Rules of Cooperation 6.02 (b):

6.02 Appointments

(b) Cooperating Brokerages must ensure that the buyer(s) is accompanied and supervised by a licensee throughout the appointment.

We think that’s clear. You cannot make an appointment for your Buyer and then send them to a showing unaccompanied by a licensee.

This does not mean you need to see every property with your client, but it does mean a licensee needs to be there. To clarify – this cannot be your unlicensed assistant, it needs to be a licensee.

If there are circumstances that prevent you from attending a showing, you must make arrangements for another licensee to cover for you. This can be another agent in the office, your managing broker, or the Listing agent if they agree to be there (some sellers feel it is one of the responsibilities of their Realtor to be present when their listing is being shown).

If you are not available and cannot come to an acceptable arrangement with another licensee, you need to cancel the appointment.

That’s what a professional would do.

Thank you.

Source: Professional Standards