RECBC rule changes: reactions, actions and advocacy

Through weekly emails to licensees across BC, the Real Estate Council of BC (RECBC) has been providing information on the changes to agency and disclosure that come into effect on March 15, including an FAQ which is updated periodically.

As this information is released, staff at the FVREB, BCREA and the other BC Boards are reviewing it carefully to best understand how the changes will affect our members and brokerages. We are finding that some directives are consistent with our goals for increased professionalism and consumer protections; others are very concerning. We are providing practical feedback to RECBC on an ongoing basis, determining the most effective actions we can take to support members and their clients, and advocating on your behalf.

This is a critical time for the profession. Due to these new rules, the way you handle your clients and your business will change significantly within the next few months. You do not want to find yourself in breach of the Council because you were unaware of the changes.

There are several ways that you can stay on top of this:

  • Read BCREA’s January 18 update and recommendations for all members in BC here.
  • Find RECBC’s information portal and FAQs for licensees here.
  • Read RECBC’s weekly Real Advice emails here.