5 ways to show your clients you know your stuff

Most clients, especially Canadians, will remain polite to you, even if they are uncertain about how well you perform your professional duties.  So showing them that you really know what you’re doing is almost as important as actually knowing what you’re doing. Here are five ways to show clients you know your stuff.

  1. When you meet in person with the client, take down the information in front of them so they are assured you are taking their needs seriously and you’ll know how to serve them better.
  2. If there are obstacles to the client’s purchasing the property they desire, give them information or show them why/how you can get them the next best or even better option.
  3. Send them market data for the areas they are interested in and offer to explain any terms or numbers they don’t understand.
  4. For sellers, establish their budget with them, follow-up with a marketing plan, then meet in person to talk them through the steps.
  5. If they need it, explain the timing and procedures required to make a real estate transaction successful, and leave them with appropriate reading materials.

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