5 essential truths about communicating with your client

Lack of communication is a frequent complaint from real estate clients — whether it is because the client was expecting more frequent calls, texts, and emails from the Realtor, or because what the Realtor communicated was not what they needed or wanted to hear.

Communication is important in all relationships because it builds trust — one of the most important intangibles you will ever give your client. Realtors need to be dependable communicators who show that they value their client’s time and goals.

Here are 5 essential truths about communicating with clients:

  1. Clients deserve that you have a communications plan based on their needs and schedule.
  2. Clients have a right to expect that you give them regular updates about what’s going on with their real estate process.
  3. Good communication builds a positive relationship with a client, and helps keep the process moving forward.
  4. Communicating well with a client helps you to manage your time and workload more efficiently.
  5. If you communicate regularly with your clients, they will have a greater appreciation for your expertise and value as an advisor.

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