5 easy ways to build your credibility and polish your reputation

A Realtor’s work is often complex but the principles of professionalism are straightforward.

1. Project a positive attitude

Project a positive attitude in your dealings with your client. Be encouraging about their prospects in the market and demonstrate how you can help them achieve their goal.

2. Resist exaggeration

Resist exaggeration of your capabilities, or creating false hopes that a property will sell higher than expected, or their dream house is obtainable at less than market value.

3. Evade controversy

Evade controversy and don’t talk negatively about any person or group, or delve deeply into complex subjects such as religion and politics. Stick to your expertise in real estate.

4. Use respectful language

Use respectful language when addressing clients and colleagues that is not overly familiar or patronizing. Ask for permission to use their first name or nickname, if appropriate.

5. Demonstrate your benefits

Demonstrate — don’t just talk about — the benefits of hiring you as your Realtor. Provide a flow of valuable information about real estate that is specific to your client’s needs and financial goals, which will lay the foundation for their confidence in you.

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