Update re: Membership cards and the goal to go ‘green’

Effective mid-August, the Board will no longer reprint or distribute replacement membership cards for members with license expiry dates after August 15, 2020.  

Membership cards will continue to be processed and sent to:

  • new members
  • members transferring offices or coming from other Boards
  • members who have lost or damaged their card

Your card no longer needs a printed expiry date because all your personal information – your unique license number; Board membership number, CREA identification number – stay with you throughout your career and are all contained in your bar code.

Working towards ‘going green’

In the past, we would issue members a new membership card on their license expiry date, every two years thereafter, as per Council’s license records. For our Board, this meant printing approximately 1,200 cards every year just to change the year.

In our quest to become more efficient and eventually go paperless, we are starting by eliminating the distribution of these renewal cards. These are the only cards we are stopping processing for now.

In the future, we’re hoping to transition to a digital ID app, which will mean one less card for members to carry, making it easier and more convenient for everyone.

For now, keep using your membership card

Although your expiry date may be out of date, don’t worry, all the information contained in your card remains active and accurate.

Please continue to show your card when we return to face-to-face courses and our events such as our Conference & Trade Show and AGMs.

Source: FVREB Membership and Education