Third Listing Brokerage field to be added to Paragon® reports

As of January 19, 2021, a third “Listing Brokerage” field will be included in Full Public and Full Realtor style reports for Paragon® listings that have a third Listing Realtor. Currently, only two “Listing Brokerage” names are displayed, and a third brokerage, if any, could not be displayed. The inclusion of a third listing brokerage field comes in response to Brokerage requests to accommodate this information on existing listings.

To make space for the new field, the “Distance to Public Transit” and “Distance to School Bus” fields will no longer appear in the Full Realtor report. However, you will still be able to locate these fields in the Realtor Data Report. If you have not accessed this report before, check it out!

Sources: FVREB MLS® and Communications