President’s Update: RESPECT

Video: 40 seconds

Want to see what all the fuss is about? Click here to visit the Board’s RESPECT campaign website! There’s also weekly video content, insightful articles, and polls that can help you elevate your game when it comes to working with clients, and each other.

We’re also looking for your input and real-life stories, good and bad.

If there’s a REALTOR® that you’ve worked with who made a positive impression on you with their efforts and professionalism, give them a Kudo! This is our way of recognizing and sharing stories of top notch business practice and letting that person know, “Hey, you’re great to work with and people do notice. Keep it up”.

On the other hand, we’re also looking for the not-so-great stories – bad experiences or decisions that you’ve witnessed in the field – that we can share to help other members know what not to do in similar situations. Don’t worry, no names are included for this section.

Remember: it’s all about RESPECT.

Keep an eye out for President Gopal Sahota’s next video update!