Now casting: Talents needed for FVREB training videos

We are gearing up to film two training videos this fall, and we are looking for several motivated members to star in two upcoming FVREB training videos.   

Project Background

Around 15 to 20 years ago, a few training videos were created for Committee training and member information on professional conduct complaints and arbitration processes. The said videos, while very valuable and helpful, have become outdated insofar as the evolution of rules, regulatory changes, and other practice related shifts. As times have changed, new needs and insights have been recognized, and our industry has set the bar higher for REALTORS®.

Thus, the FVREB will produce two new training videos that will underscore the importance of upholding professional standards in today’s world. The videos will also emphasize the procedural complexities associated with complaints and hearings and the potential consequences of breaching professional standards. FVREB’s vision is for you, our members, to be publicly valued for your skill, professionalism, and contribution to your communities. The videos will help you fill in the GAP – guide, advise and protect – for your clients.

Casting Call

We are currently looking for members to star in the training videos. If chosen, you will be the co-host for videos that will guide the audience through case studies and best practices relating to arbitration and professional conduct.  No acting experience is necessary, and the character you will be playing is you!

If you are selected, we will require you to be available for a full-day shoot at a studio in late November.  There will be a teleprompter on set, so you don’t have to worry about memorizing the script. We will provide food and refreshments throughout the day. We will also be adhering to COVID-19 safety protocols.  In return for your participation, you will receive an honorarium.

How to audition

Find a quiet place in your home or office.  Using a mobile phone, laptop, or other camera device, give a brief introduction:  name, the brokerage you for are part of, and how long you have been a member.  Then, deliver the following script to camera.  Feel free to use a printed version of the script to help you with the lines. 

Script Sample

Buying and selling real estate is a complicated business.  In a perfect world, every real estate deal goes according to plan, with no problems, speed bumps, or issues along the way.

But it’s not always a perfect world. Competition between Realtors can be very tough, particularly in a tight market. Sometimes, this can lead to disputes over commission disputes that are settled through a process called arbitration.

Video Shooting Tips

  1. Choose a camera that has good quality. This could be a newer model phone, or even a video camera that a team member owns and is comfortable using.
  2. If using a phone, turn the phone into a ‘landscape’ format when recording.
  3. When filming your subject, consider the following:
    • Can I see my subject clearly?
      • Avoid filming your subject in front of a window, or with the sun at their back. This will result in a silhouetted subject!
    • Can I hear my subject clearly?
      • Find a quiet location. No machinery. No traffic. No loud background noise.
      • Make sure your subject is close enough to you that you can properly hear them!
  4. Review your video! Take a second to watch the video on your phone or camera. If you’re happy with it, move on to the next subject!


Once your audition is complete, send the video clip to  The deadline for audition submissions is Friday, November 13

Good luck!

Source: FVREB Communications