New on Paragon Connect: Recommend Listings, View Spreadsheets, and Do More With the ‘Tour and Open House Search’

Get ready for a more mobile responsive experience! Paragon Connect is looking more and more like Paragon Professional but is behaving like a mobile. As of February 15, 2023, you are now using Paragon 5.93. Let’s review the new and improved features.

Paragon Connect
1) Branding

The login page now displays your organization’s logo. If you are using a larger device, you will see the same custom image used on the Paragon Professional login screen. Note: These updates are not available on SSO dashboards.

Branding was also added to the hamburger menu.

2) Tour and Open House Search
Gone are the days when Paragon Connect’s tour and open house search features were very limited. This section has undergone a complete makeover. It now has the same search fields and save, edit, and delete features found in Paragon Professional. Fields
There are three (3) fields on the ‘Tour and Open House’ search form: duration, filter, and criteria.

  • Duration

– Allows you to search for days in the future or a specific date range

  • Filter

– Contains information such as agent live stream

  • Criteria

– Has up to 16 additional fields determined by your MLS®

Search Options
Any tour and open house search made on Paragon Connect will be synchronized with Paragon Professional. You can use either application to modify your search template or save, load, rename, edit, and delete any tour search.

When you perform a search, you will see the thumbnail view that shows the date and time for each tour and open house. If too many are found on a listing, you can expand the thumbnail to a dialog box to see all available tours and open houses. Click on any event to see the date, time, and other relevant data.

3) Spreadsheet View
Say “hello to an all new 100% responsive spreadsheet view! Quickly access a grid of results no matter what device you use, be it a phone, tablet, phablet, etc. The spreadsheet view allows you to sort, check one or more listings, check all, and customize fields on the grid.

The first two columns, which consist of the checkbox and photos, are frozen or locked, meaning the two elements will remain on the screen as you scroll horizontally to view the rest of your sheet. Note: The spreadsheet is only available when viewing listing results in Hotsheet, Tour/Open House Search, and Contacts.

Check/Check All
Check as many listings as you want. The top bar opens the available options based on the number of selected listings.

By default, only the first 20 listings will display. Hence, only the first 20 listings will be selected when you click the ‘check all’ box.

If you have more than 20 listings, you need to scroll down to load the next batch of 20 listings, bringing the total to 40. You need to click the ‘check all’ box again to select all 40 listings.

By default, the spreadsheet is sorted by price. Tap on any column header to change your sorting preference.

Tap the cog icon in the spreadsheet app bar to access the spreadsheet customization screen. Here you can set a default sort, change the order of the columns, remove columns, and add new columns.

4) Agent Recommended
You can now recommend listings to your existing contacts and add notes to recommended listings. Note: The Recommended functionality is only available when viewing listing results in Hotsheet, Tour/Open House Search, and Contacts.

  • Recommend listing to existing contacts
  • Create a new contact as you recommend listing
  • Access and manage recommended listings
  • Remove recommended listings
  • Recommend a listing using the Listing ID
  • Add notes to a recommended listing

5) Resources Third Party Links
Access your third-party links in Paragon Connect via the new Resources link. This menu option displays all the supported options available in the Paragon Professional Resource menu.

6) Photo Maintenance

  • Preview uploaded listing photos.
  • If you have permission to add photos, the “+” button appears in the lower right corner.
  • If enabled by your administrator, you can add photo labels and description.
  • Use the Image Editor to crop, flip, rotate or add filters to an image.
  • Delete single or multiple photos.
  • Access the “Edit Photos” link directly from the LIM results overflow menu.

7) Print Single Listing
The ability to print a single listing has been added to Paragon Connect. The default Paragon Professional Agent and Consumer Detail reports will be available to print under the overflow menu. Note: These printable reports must be enabled by your administrator.

Collaboration Centre
1) Display agent’s office address on notification emails
An office address is required for emails sent from Paragon. To comply with the CAN-SPAM regulations (similar to Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation or CASL), the listing agent’s address displayed on Collaboration Centre emails will default to the agent’s office address.

2) Rename ‘Agent Pick’ to ‘Recommended’
The ‘Agent Pick’ section on the Collaboration Centre is now labelled as ‘Recommended’.