New on Paragon® Connect: Assigning Listings to Contacts

Paragon® Connect users now have new features and enhancements with the release of Paragon® 7.0-7.4.

  1. Start a New Search from a Contact

Users can now create a search within a specific contact. This search can be done based on your client’s preferences and requests and can be used to set up prospecting notifications for your contacts either from each contact or from the Property Search. Prior to this update, members would save a search and then associate that search with a specific contact.

Simply select a contact and open the Buyer Activity page. This page shows any searches already linked to this contact.

Click the plus (+) sign to create a new saved search.

Once your search criteria are defined, you are ready to save your search. Once saved, it will automatically link to your contact and enable Collaboration Center notifications. You may choose to disable notifications at any time.

2. New option to Assign Your Listing to a Contact from Listings

Users can also assign one of their own listings to a specific contact.

Simply go to your Published Listings. From the Overflow menu you will see a new option labeled Assign to Contact. This option is available if you are any of the Listing Agents for the listing.

After selecting this new option, follow the same steps available from the Seller Dashboard or Contact Summary to pick or create your contact and set up any options for the Seller Notifications.

If a contact is already assigned, this option will update under Published Listings to show Unassign Contact.

3. New Navigation through Listing Detail View

When searching for properties, users can click on multiple listings and then view one property at a time in the Detail View. In the Detail View, a new navigation option is shown near the top of the screen. Users can use the PREV and NEXT buttons to move between properties, viewing the details for each listing.

The top bar shows a count of all selected listings. Actions, like Carts, Recommend, Directions, etc. are available for the selected listings. The left arrow in the top bar returns users to the previous view.

4. Assign a Listing to a Contact for Seller Dashboard Features

The Seller feature in Collaboration Center is a powerful tool to keep your selling clients informed of activity on their listing. They can see how many views their listing has, how many days their home has been on the market and keep track of their open houses. With the Seller feature, you can send your active listings directly to your seller clients

From the Contact Summary page, the Seller Activity option will always appear for all contacts. Any existing listings associated with the contact will continue to display.

If no listings are currently associated, users will have a new option to add one of their listings to the contact using the plus (+) sign. Once the link has been established, the contact will have all the benefit of the Seller-features on their Collaboration Center site and the user will see the new association on their Seller Dashboard in Connect.

5. New Detail Layout for EasyCMA Comparables

The layout for EasyCMA reports has now been updated. Previously, a search of comparable properties would take users to a separate Collab Centre link.

The new view simply shows users all of the properties and the Detailed View of each property can be seen by clicking on each one.

The view provides all the same property data for the selected comparable properties and displays clearly on any device.

This new format will automatically apply to existing or newly created EasyCMAs.