Introducing the Broker-Load Random Audit

The MLS® database is at the core of the value we provide to members. To strengthen this resource even further, FVREB is introducing a broker-load random audit to enhance the reliability, accuracy and utility of this tool.

As broker-load adoption continues to increase, so too do the number of listings for which the Board has no copies of the listing documents. To ensure that the MLS® data maintains its high standards and quality, we are introducing an audit process whereby, at various intervals throughout the year, a sampling of MLS® #’s for broker-loaded, broker-load-activated, or agent-loaded listings will be randomly selected to check for compliance with the Rules of Cooperation and any board policies.

This random audit will be implemented starting at the end of November, and while it will be a simple process to follow, it is a very important step in assuring superior data quality. Here’s how it will be carried out:

  1. Brokerages selected at random will receive an email request to provide copies of the listing documents.
  2. Brokerages should reply to the email providing copies of the Multiple Listing Contracts and Data Input form, as well as any applicable supporting documents such as a Power of Attorney, Probate documents (or Will), Court Order, Assignment letter, etc. Further, copies of any Privacy Notice and Consent Form, or Direction Regarding Presentation of Offers Form, or Amendment of Multiple Listing Contract, should also be included.
  3. MLS® staff will review the documents to ensure they are in compliance with the Rules of Cooperation and any Board policies, and that the information has been posted on Paragon® in accordance with those rules.
  4. After the review, the Board will contact the managing broker to advise that, a) the listing/documents are in compliance for the purposes of the audit, or b) further documentation is required.

We appreciate your cooperation to help ensure that our MLS® database continues to remain a valuable data resource for the benefit of all members.

If you have any questions about the audit process please don’t hesitate to contact FVREB Manager of MLS® at