Interacting with your clients on Paragon Connect just got easier

As of Tuesday, June 8, you are using the most up-to-date version of Paragon 5.89.

The latest update introduces many new features to Paragon Connect. This update includes many new features you’re already familiar with on Paragon (desktop) but are now finally on Paragon Connect.


Paragon Connect

Once your new listing (or current listing) has been entered, you can click on the overflow menu (beside the search button) and select ‘Validate Address Location’. This will open a map that will display the property pin with the NEW Accuracy Indicator.

If the accuracy Indicator is red, the geocode accuracy is something less than 100%. If it is green, then it’s spot on at 100% OR it has been manually placed. This tool allows you to a visual way to see the geocode quality/accurate.

There are two methods for validating the geocode of a property:

Geocode Using Address Search

You can try manually entering the address to see if the pin moves by clicking the address search icon, entering the address, and clicking the search icon again to get the result. By the way, this map search is the equivalent of the “Center Map and Zoom on this Address” in Paragon Desktop.

Geocode by Moving Map Pin

You can move the pin manually by clicking on the pin with a mouse or using your finger to drag the pin to the new location. After moving the pin, the Accuracy Indicator will change to green and read “Manually Placed.” If you are happy with the location, click APPLY. You will receive a prompt that the changes were applied but that you still need to save to retain the settings.

If you are manually placing a pin on Paragon Connect, you’ll find the NEW Map Types feature. If you want to view a property’s terrain or in night view.

Contact Notification Options

Prior to the 5.89 release, contact notification settings are only adjustable in Paragon Professional. Now, Paragon Connect users can adjust a variety of notification options. Enable/disable your notifications, change notification triggers, update when your notifications are sent and more. Below breaks down the different options.

Warning and Error Validation

In addition to being able to manually validate your location, the listing edit module will also check for any errors or warnings related to your address upon saving a listing. These are based on your business rules set for your organization.

Overflow Options

While viewing a saved search card, you will notice a new three dot overflow menu icon. This icon contains a menu with all your notification options. It includes the following:

  • Disable/Enable Collab Center
  • Email Options
  • Notification Triggers
  • Notification Time Frames
  • Resend Notification
  • Delete Search


You now can enable/disable saved searches from displaying in your Collaboration Center site. In the example provided, the user disables the saved search. It removes the activity chart and moves it to the bottom of the list. User can then re-enable the saved search at any time by going to the overflow menu and tapping “Enable Collaboration Center.”

Email Options

Email options allow the user to edit who

receives any email notification updates from the Collaboration Center. It also allows you to add a custom message that is displayed each time a notification email is sent.

Options include:

  • Add or modify primary recipients
  • Add or modify Cc recipients
  • Add or modify Bcc recipients
  • Modify email subject title
  • Add or modify Custom message

Notification Triggers 

Notification triggers allow you to set what type of notifications your users will receive. Do they want to be notified on just new matches? Maybe it is new matches, price changes, status changes, etc. The notification trigger option will allow you to set what type of notifications your user will receive on each saved search.

  • New Matches
  • Price Changes
  • Status Changes
  • New Comments
  • Open House Tour
  • Initial Photo

Time Frames  

The Notification time frame allows you to edit how long the notification is active. By default, when you setup a notification, the date range is set to a year. You cannot set the date range to be longer than a year but if your notification is about to expire you can extend it to a full 12 months.

The time frame option also contains your client and agent notification frequency options. You can choose whether the notifications are set to off, immediately, or recurring. If set to recurring, you can set the notification time and when these notifications are sent. Below are the three frequency options:

  • Daily
  • Weekly (choose days)
  • Monthly

Delete Search

There are times when you no longer need a saved search. When this occurs, you can now use the “Delete Search” option from the saved search card overflow. This will remove the contact from the saved search and delete the card. A confirmation will display to make sure you want to delete the search.

Resend Invitation

There are times when a prospective buyer cannot find or did not receive the Collaboration Center welcome email. This welcome email contains the information needed to use and access the Collaboration Center.

When this occurs, you can now go to that saved search for that contact and resend the invitation. The resend invitation contains an email dialog where you can add additional email addresses and provide a custom message.