Have you kept your Member Profile up-to-date?

How often do you visit your office to attend an office meeting or meet with clients? If you’re like more and more Realtors these days, you probably seldom go into the office. That means any mail or couriers sent to your office may not be picked up for days, perhaps even weeks or months.

Because of this, the Board is looking to try something new and would like the option to mail certain items to your home address from time to time.

Don’t miss out! Make sure the information contained in your Member Profile is as up-to-date as possible.

Here’s how you can check. Log into your Member Portal on REALTOR Link®.

1. Click on the Member Portal button in the centre of the REALTOR Link® home page.

2. Click on the Member tab in the top.

3. Update your Personal Information, including your Home Address, City, Province, Postal Code; your Contact Information, including your phone numbers, emails and and social media profiles; and other information as appropriate. When you’re done, click on the green Update button at the bottom to save your information.

4. You can also update your Payment Profile under a separate tab.