Governance concepts to be reviewed at the Morning Member Meetings

by Baldev S. Gill, Chief Executive Officer

Today’s eMemo contains the following update:

  • Governance concepts for member feedback
  • Question submission process

As you know, the Board held the first of four virtual morning meetings on Thursday, December 10, 2020. Dubbed the “Triple-Ms,” these Morning Member Meetings replace last year’s Breakfast Meetings and will serve to provide members with an update on progress and developments at FVREB in the lead-up to the AGM on March 11, 2021. If you didn’t get a chance to participate in our first Triple M, not to worry, we have three more coming up on January 21, February 11 and February 25.

Governance concepts for member feedback
A significant portion of the meeting will be devoted to reviewing eight governance concepts that will inform which by-law resolutions get proposed for consideration at the FVREB Annual General Meeting on March 11, 2021.

All eight governance concepts, which are evolving and being refined, can be found on the Morning Member Meetings page on REALTOR Link®. We have shared these with you in advance of our Triple M on December 10, to give you time to think about questions you might have about any of the concepts.

How to submit questions
Members are invited to submit questions regarding these governance concepts in advance of the meeting. The question submission form can be found here.

For each question you submit, please indicate which governance concept it refers to.

As a reminder, you will also have a chance to pose your questions on each of these governance concepts at the Triple M on December 10.

Registration/joining reminders
If you haven’t registered yet you can RSVP for all four meetings in the TLC Calendar. On the morning of each meeting please go to to view the livestream.

“See” you at the next Triple-M!

Post was updated on December 10, 2020.