Governance Committee appoints 2021/22 Nominating Committee for FVREB

By Gopal Sahota, Chair, Nominating Committee

The Governance Committee has appointed the following members to the 2021/22 Nominating Committee for the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board:

Gopal Sahota, Chair604-218-8800
Sadaf Baig604-376-0318
Paul Belhumeur604-319-1222
Trisha Bongers  604-306-7472    
Karen Conyers  604-240-3377
John Corrie604-309-0540
Bonnie Moy604-351-8387

The Nominating Committee is required to prepare a report that will be circulated to all members at least 30 days before the Annual General Meeting, where the election of Officers and Directors will take place – ARTICLE FOUR, SECTION 2, paragraph (b).  This report will identify members that have been nominated by the committee for the President-Elect, Vice-President and available Director positions.

If you have any recommendations for the Nominating Committee to consider, or if you personally would be interested in a director position, please contact any member of the Committee. 


PART A:  Composition of Board of Directors

SECTION 1 – Composition

(a)         The Board shall be managed by a board composed of twelve (12) Directors, as follows:

              (i)           the President;

              (ii)          the President-Elect;

              (iii)         the Vice-President;

              (iv)         the Chair of the Brokers Council of the Broker Division;

              (v)          seven (7) Directors-at-large; and

              (vi)         the immediate Past President.

(b)         Pursuant to the Societies Act, an individual may not be nominated, elected or appointed to serve (or continue to serve) as a Director if he or she:

              (i)           is less than eighteen (18) years of age;

(ii)          has been found by any court, in Canada or elsewhere, to be incapable of managing his or her own affairs;

              (iii)         is an undischarged bankrupt; or

(iv)         has been convicted of a prescribed offence within the prescribed period, for which no pardon has been granted, in accordance with the Societies Act.     

In addition to the foregoing, an individual may not be nominated, elected or appointed to serve (or continue to serve) as a Director if he or she:

(v)          is not an Active Member in good standing;

(vi)         has been suspended by the Board, the Real Estate Council of British Columbia or by any other real estate board in British Columbia within the previous twelve (12) months; or

(vii)        has ever been expelled or otherwise removed from membership in the Board or any other real estate board in British Columbia.


SECTION 1 – Eligibility for Election as Director

An individual who complies with the requirements set out in ARTICLE THREE, PART A, SECTION 1 (b) shall be eligible for election as a Director.

SECTION 4 – Term of Office for Director

(a)         Subject to paragraph (b) of this SECTION, the term of office for an elected Director shall be two (2) years,   provided that the Board of Directors may determine that one or more vacant Director positions will have a term of less than two (2) years, the length of such term to be determined by the Board of Directors in its discretion.

SECTION 5 – Eligibility for Election as Officer

To be eligible for election to the office of President, President-Elect or Vice-President, an individual must have served for at least two (2) years as a Director within the immediately preceding five (5) years.

SECTION 7 – Term of Office and Succession of Officers

(a)         The term of office for the President, President-Elect, Vice-President and Past President is one (1) year, which term shall commence April 1 of each year and conclude on the last day of March in the following year.

(b)         Subject to ARTICLE THREE, PART C, SECTION 4, and unless otherwise determined by resolution of the Directors, the individual who was President-Elect during the preceding year shall become President the following year and the individual who was President during the preceding year shall become Past President the following year.