Bring a date! Conference & Trade Show ticket sales now open to non-members

It’s official, 20/20 Vision – coming up February 5 to 7 – is the fastest selling conference in FVREB history. It is currently on track to set a new attendance record (last set in 2016 when the special keynote speaker was Chris Hadfield.) Three cheers for the Education Department!

Based on member feedback, the special attraction this year is the incredible slate of six keynote speakers – all renowned with a broad range of talent across multiple disciplines – wrapping up with the one and ONLY Rick Hansen!

Members also value that they can receive 6 self-directed PDP hours by attending the conference. All this for only $139 + GST! (or $160 + GST for VIP tickets – note as of today, January 15, only 30 of those left!)

Effective January 15, registration opened to non-licensees affiliated with an FVREB member i.e. a family member or partner that participates or contributes to your life and career. The cost is the same as it is for members, $139 + GST for a 3-day pass. (One-day passes or passes to see individual speakers are NOT available.)

Non-member tickets CANNOT be purchased online. Members must call the Education department at (604) 930-7644 to purchase them over the phone. Also, there will be no ticket sales at the door.

Why bring a family member or friend? First, it’s an incredible opportunity (for a crazy-good price) for them to hear world-class speakers that they may never be able to see. Secondly, how about a thank you to them for all those evenings and weekends you missed because you were serving your clients?

And finally, there’s nothing better than spending time, learning and being inspired than doing it with the one you love!

If you haven’t got your ticket yet for 20/20 Vision, register now online. (Hurry, they’re selling fast!) And if you want to treat your spouse, your son or daughter or another VIP in your life, you can buy them a ticket by calling the Board’s Education department at (604) 930-7644.