Any real estate memorabilia kicking around?

We’re looking for old MLS® catalogues, tear sheets, photos, maps, signage, REALTOR® pins, FVREB promotional items… and so on! If you’ve got cool, old REALTOR® stuff in great condition looking for a good home, we’d love to have it for our Board archives.

In 2021, the FVREB will celebrate its centennial year.  In anticipation of that special milestone, we have a goal to round-up and organize important artifacts representative of our Board’s history and members’ real estate memories.

There’s a caveat though. Just like donations to the REALTORS Care® Blanket Drive, we have limitations!  Because the Board doesn’t have a lot of space or climate-controlled storage, we can’t accept just anything.  When you open your real estate ‘tickle trunk’, ask yourself if the items you’re considering donating are:

  • In good quality
  • Useful, interesting or unique – in other words, worthy of preserving
  • Of historical value i.e. 1st edition or last edition
  • Rare / irreplaceable
  • Memorabilia from a past event
  • Evidence from a real estate tradition or practice (i.e. an old CMA)
  • An example of old real estate technology (i.e. cell phone the size of a lunch box)
  • NOT important to you personally (If this was your Dad’s John Armeneau Professional of the Year award… you may want to keep that.)
  • NOT expected back (the Board will not be returning unused or non-archived items)

If it’s important that you (or your loved one) receive credit for the donation, please indicate who it’s from and include any historical context. If it’s a number of items, please put them in one box – we don’t want to risk things getting misplaced.

Drop your donations off at the Board office any time during office hours.  If you’re not sure if the item ‘qualifies’ or we already a dozen of them and don’t want to waste a trip, first email In advance, thank you for contributing to the history preservation of your profession and your Board.