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Self Directed Learning: Sticking to the rules

When it was announced a new and improved Professional Development Program (PDP) structure was coming this month, many members were obviously thrilled by the prospect of the Self-Directed learning component. That may explain why our Education Department has received a number of accreditation reports for a variety of random, fly-by-night endeavours.

To be clear, having lunch with an interior designer, taking a course in watercolour painting or horseback riding in Hawaii would not qualify as proof of Self-Directed learning under the new PDP.

However, there is some flexibility in how you attain the optional 6 hours of Self-Directed learning, if you choose to do so as part of your 18 hours of PDP for each licensing cycle. The basic requirements for Self-Directed learning must align with these guidelines:

  • be verifiable and auditable
  • can be proven to enhance professional practice
  • must be at least one hour in length

The learning formats can be formal or informal such as:

  • conferences
  • panel discussions
  • webinars
  • brokerage or franchise training
  • workshops and seminars
  • courses
  • other in-person and online learning

The topics as defined by BCREA are broad, from agency to disclosure, from business development to Feng Shui.  BCREA’s PDP-transition page offers examples as to what qualifies and what doesn’t.

Most in-brokerage training will likely fall under Self-Directed learning.

You can claim your Self-Directed learning hours taken on or after January 1, 2020, not before.

To report Self-Directed PDP hours, REALTORS® need digital or hard copy proof of completion that includes the following information:

  • your name
  • name of the supplier of learning opportunity (members do not qualify as their own supplier)
  • name of learning opportunity and date you took it
  • length of the learning opportunity (in hour increments, rounded down to the nearest hour).

For details about the new PDP, visit REALTOR Link® where you’ll find videos, FAQs and other resources specific to the FVREB.