What’s coming with Paragon 5.61

Paragon version 5.61 is coming (or now available if you’re reading this after October 10) and introducing a number of upgrades to improve your experience with the platform.

What’s new

1. New Agent Notification Emails

The template for the email notification you receive from the Collaboration Center has been updated to visually reflect the new Welcome Email that was introduced in the last update. This new look also brings a more responsive design that works for both desktop and mobile devices.


2. New Customer Notification Emails

The template for the email notification your clients will receive from the Collaboration Center has also been updated. The new template will contain all of the same content as the former version, but the information will be visually consistent with other communication sent via the Collaboration Center. The new Collaboration Center notifications were designed specifically to look good on tablet and mobile screens. Here is a list of the main improvements:

  • The Customer Notification template displays the agent’s phone number and image in the header, followed by the name of the Customer’s Saved Search, and a link to their Collaboration Center site.
  • Each Listing Preview includes the primary photo, the type of update, and listing Status, in addition to Address, Listing Number, and Price. Beds, Baths, and Square Feet.
  • A link to ‘View All Updates’, which will take them to their Collaboration Center. An ‘Update Review’ section is an overview which breaks out the types of updates included in the email and how many there are of each. Also included is a brief description of what triggers each type of update.
  • A link to ‘Reset Password’, and your contact information.


3. Listing Address section adds a second line for further details

A space for additional address information (such as unit or suite number) has been added to the Collaboration Center to more accurately reflect listing location if needed.


4. A new reminder for sending saved search listings to prospective buyers

The legacy email notification setup process allows you to send notifications to your buyers when changes occur within the saved search.  However, when you first set up an email notification, the initial list of listings is not sent to your prospective buyer.  The agent must manually send these listings.  To help remind the agents about sending the initial email list, a pop-up message will present itself after an email notification is set up.  This pop-up message confirms that the email notification was set up and reminds the agent to send that initial list of listings.  In addition to the reminder, we include a link that will open a new tab with all of the listings from that saved search.  This allows the agent to quickly email those listings to their prospective buyer.


5. Improved colour coding on pop-up messages

The colour coding has been improved on the pop-up messages that appear throughout the system to make them easier to understand.

  • Green messages indicate that a process has been completed successfully
  • Yellow messages indicate that not enough information has been provided, but the user can continue
  • Red messages display when a process has failed. The user cannot continue until that process is resolved.
  • Blue messages display new information


6. A new Contact Notification help video

A new video to help you set up notifications is now available under the ‘Need Help?’ button as seen below.


7. Auto-Save added to the CMA Wizard

When creating or modifying a CMA in the CMA Wizard, your progress will be saved automatically when you use the Next\Back buttons or when you click on a Step to move through the Create CMA steps.


And that’s Paragon 5.61!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns related to Paragon or other Board tools, contact the FVREB Helpdesk at 604-930-7626 or helpdesk@fvreb.bc.ca.