Tip: Do you have a listing that has an Age Restriction?

Did you know?

It’s not enough to check off “Age Restrictions” under field “#524 BYLAW RESTRICTIONS” on the Data Input Form for a listing.

Buyers’ agents and their clients need more detail from you. Field “#526 RESTRICTED AGE” provides just that detail, with multiple options to select from, such as 19+, 35+, 45+, 55+, 65+ or OTHER. But, some members are not checking off the appropriate box in that field, leaving it blank and instead putting that information into the comments/remarks.

Which means in some cases, Buyers are receiving listing emails with what they hope are matches to their criteria, only to read the comments and find out that they are out of luck. This reflects negatively on the Buyer’s agent (why did you send me that…) as well as the Listing agent. Let’s do a better job of representing properties correctly so appropriate listings can be matched to suitable clients. Help each other out. Check those boxes!