Registering for events through the New Member Portal

The Board is launching a brand-new Member Portal for managing your membership information in April. One of the exciting new features that will be included in the upgraded Portal will be the added ability to register and pay for Board events through the site.

In this post, we’ll highlight the feature using our Annual Golf Tournament as an example.

Through the portal’s new ‘Events’ page which can be accessed quickly via the navigation bar, you’ll be able to easily view and register for upcoming Board events entirely online.

Similar to the look of the Education page, here you will be able to view different upcoming events through a calendar interface with further details for corresponding events on the side of the same page.

You can click on one of the listed events for further details, including event information, dates, pricing and more, as well as an option to register. As you’ll see on the event page for the Golf Tournament displayed below, it also breaks down registration options for the event, showing both the Package option or the separate Golf and Banquet options depending on preference.

In addition, some events will allow you to register multiple people at one time. This will be helpful in some instances where you wish to register as a specific group (or foursome in the case of the Golf Tournament) or RSVP multiple people in your office like you would with the Board’s annual Breakfast Meetings.

After that, you’ll be able to fill out the names of those you’re signing up, and see everyone’s individual registration fee (if applicable).

Once you’ve filled out that information and clicked ‘Next’, you’ll be taken to the ‘My Events Checkout’ page where you can fill in your payment information and pay. Please note that our system will be secure, and any credit card or banking details that you include on your Member Portal profile will be private.

When you’ve filled in your information correctly, you can once again click ‘Next’ where you’ll have one last chance to review your transaction before payment is made.

And that’s it! Registering for Board events will be easier than ever, with more options to make the process as easy as possible for you and your colleagues.

Keep an eye out on NewsReal as we’ll continue to update you on the Member Portal in the coming weeks.