Paragon v5.59 is now available

As of Tuesday, June 20 Paragon has upgraded to version 5.59.

What’s coming with Paragon v5.59? A lot, especially for the Collaboration Centre feature, as well as various new features and improvements to general functionality.

Here is a list of updates that will be available on June 21:

Collaboration Center:

  1. New ‘Default Sort’: The Collaboration Center sort option has been updated from  “Price: High to Low” to “Newest to Oldest Matches”.
  2. New option to remove Custom Folders: Previously, the option to remove a Custom Folder would not appear once the folder was created. This has been corrected.
  3. Empty fields will no longer appear: The Collaboration Centre has been updated to no longer display fields that have no value entered, with the detail view display now only showing fields that contain data. Columns and rows will automatically adjust to fit the available content for display. This is on both Desktop and Mobile Devices.
  4. New option to switch from Desktop View to Mobile View: A new link has been added to allow users to switch from the Desktop view to the Mobile View.
    • It allows mobile users to navigate back to the mobile view if they click on the switch to desktop view
    • It also allows all users the ability to switch to the new Collaboration Centre link view.
  5. New photo arrows available on mobile devices: New arrows have been added to the mobile view to indicate that additional images are available while viewing a listing.
  6. Switch to Desktop button improved for tablet users: The size of the Switch to Desktop button has been increased when viewing a mobile report from a tablet to improve functionality.
  7. Display issue with the Square Foot Field and Value have been corrected: The email notification for the Collaboration Center would always include a SQFT field with a value that displayed 6 decimal values. The email notification has been updated to only display the SQFT field when applicable and the additional decimal places have been removed.
  8. Banner image removed for improved performance: To improve overall performance, we have removed the background image on the banner on the mobile devices. This saves the mobile device from loading this image and more time on loading the overall page.


  1. Listings submitted via ADT will appear on hotsheets as New when the status is changed from FOR APPROVAL status: Previously “For Approval” listings that were changed to “Active”  status would appear as “Misc Change” on the Hotsheets.  This has now been enhanced to appear on the hotsheet with aNew” status as well.
  2. New Market Monitor option to view the Open Houses and Tours scheduled for today: The Market Monitor has been updated to allow users to display the current day’s Open Houses and Tours by entering a Days value of 0.

If you have any questions about using Paragon or the Collaboration Centre, contact the Board’s Helpdesk at 604-930-7626.