How to save time as a REALTOR®

✔ Do you like saving time?
✔ Do you wind up with last minute changes to listings late into the evening or on weekends?
✔ Do you like being in control of your listing?

If you said yes to these questions, and you’re not using Agent Modify and REALTOR® Load (ADT), you’re missing out!

A quick review:

  • Agent Modify allows you to make live changes in Paragon to non-contract fields like remarks, room sizes, etc., as well as upload your own photos. Instantly!
  • REALTOR® Load (ADT) allows you to upload your own listing electronically using WEBForms®, which is then reviewed by Board staff, and activated in Paragon (the average turnaround time for ADT listings is less than two hours).

Why doesn’t everyone do it?

We don’t know! About 40 per cent of our listings are submitted using ADT and about 40 per cent of our membership is using Agent Modify, but that means lots of you aren’t using them! In this hot market, we can’t see a downside. They’re quick, allow you to take matters into your own hands, and in many cases, jump the listings queue.

Ok, I’m sold.. how do I do it?

Agent Modify:

  1. Get written approval from your Broker.*
  2. Once it’s signed, email or fax it to the Board’s Membership Department for processing ( or fax to: 604-930-7625) and wait for a confirmation email.
  3. Start modifying! The changes you make in Paragon are LIVE once you click Save!


  1. On WEBForms®, fill in your Contract and Data Input Form, build your Transaction Kit, etc. as you normally would.
  2. Click the “Upload to MLS®” button – all that listing data then goes directly into Paragon for approval.
  3. Submit your signed listing paperwork to your office as usual. Your manager will approve it and send it to the Board.
  4. Once it’s reviewed by MLS® staff, the listing is released to Paragon.
  5. Enjoy the calls coming in about your listing as well as the time you just saved!

Wow, does it get better?

Yep. Not only can you use REALTOR® Load (ADT) for FVREB listings, but you can use it for CADREB and REBGV listings, too (offices email contracts to and respectively). Also, using ADT prevents you from uploading forms with errors or missing data AND it provides you with an MLS® number right away. You can even add your photos through ADT!

Using Agent Modify, you can immediately upload documents, virtual tours, open house info, spiff-up your remarks and any extra photos, reorder them as you wish and name them appropriately (yes, it’s really easy!).

*To learn more & get started:

  1. Agent Modify: To get your Broker’s approval, click the “Agent Modify Access Authorization” form located on either REALTOR Link® or in WEBForms®. Learn “how-to” by visiting the Paragon Help & Resources page on REALTOR Link® – scroll down to the section on Listings Maintenance.
  2. REALTOR® Load (ADT): For more information as well as the REALTOR® Load ADT “how-to” document for office administrators, click here to go to our Manage your listings page on REALTOR Link®.

We encourage you to add these tools to your toolkit. Don’t let the competition sweep you away by beating you to the punch!