For your clients: Upgrade from oil to a heat pump and save!

What’s better than reducing your home’s greenhouse gas emissions and contributing to a cleaner, healthier planet? Doing that and saving money!

Through the Oil to Heat Pump Incentive Program, clients of yours (or even you) who are using oil to heat their homes can access rebates of up to $1,700 by switching to an air source heat pump.

What’s a heat pump, anyways?

Heat pumps provide clean and affordable comfort year-round. They efficiently and effectively heat your home because they only use a small amount of electricity to move a large amount of heat into your home, and also work in reverse in the summer to provide cooling by removing heat from inside your house.

Other benefits of making the switch include:

  • Home comfort: Comfortable, clean, and affordable heating and cooling all year round
  • Safe operation: Removing your oil tank reduces the financial and environmental risks of a home oil tank spill
  • Great savings: a heat pump typically lowers your energy bills by 40 to 75% each year, paying for itself through heating bill savings

Who qualifies and how does one apply?

Visit or call 1.877.545.6247 to learn more and if you qualify.