Tech Tip: Customizing your Map Search with shapes

Did you know that drawing shapes in Paragon can help you find and navigate listings?

Fine tune your map of listings to include specific areas that may be of interest to your client by drawing shapes (up to five) that enable you to visualize the location of the properties.

To access the Shapes feature within the map, click on ‘Draw’ at the top of the screen. From there, you can select your shape and get started. The options available include ‘Polygon’ (customizable shapes), ‘Rubber Band’ (rectangle or square shapes) or ‘Radius’ (circular shapes).

Again, you can have up to five shapes on a given map at a time.

To easily work with shapes on your map, simply right click on the shape and use the menu to edit, delete or exclude the shape from your map and criteria. Excluding a particular area may be beneficial when your client is not interested in properties on a busy street, or near a shopping centre or railroad track, for example. (See map shape #5, which has been excluded.)

You can now click on Add to Criteria to return to the search grid or Search Now to see the listings you’ve selected in a report view.

If you need help with this feature in Paragon, contact the Helpdesk at 604-930-7626.