It’s all about RESPECT

If there were a contest to identify the considerate, skilled, helpful Fraser Valley Realtors you’ve had the opportunity to work with, could you think of several you would name? Do you think someone would think of you? Here’s a chance to find out!

Over the next ten weeks, by focussing on being respectful of ourselves, our peers and our clients and following the FVREB’s 5 Guiding Principles, we’ll uncover what professionalism means to you and how well our members are getting it right.

Though our new website “It’s all about RESPECT,” you’ll be encouraged to participate in the Kudos Challenge by sending in the name of a Realtor that you feel exudes professionalism.

It could be the respect and courtesy they show their clients and colleagues.

It could be their knowledge, the way they cooperate with others, how dependable and hardworking they are, or how they make your job easier, while always sticking to the 5 Guiding Principles.

If you decide to name a professional REALTOR® or someone acknowledges your professionalism, you could win some fabulous prizes!

Rewards will be given randomly to Realtors who receive kudos as well as those who send in the kudos. The campaign is running for several weeks, kicking off today and winding up on Monday, June 19.

  • All Realtors who receive kudos during the campaign will be entered into a draw for three prizes of $100 each at the end of the RESPECT initiative.
  • Of those who send in kudos, we’ll draw three winners each week for $10 iTunes, Google Play, Tim Horton’s or Starbucks gift cards.
  • Plus, the names of all our kudos givers and receivers will be featured on our RESPECT website.

Best of all, by participating you become part of the movement to raise professionalism and our standing in the community. Whether you participate over your morning coffee or while eating lunch at your desk, this is an easy but important way you can be part of progressive change in our industry.

Feel free to use the following 5 Guiding Principles of Professionalism as a reference for your Kudos Challenge testimonials:

  1. Clients come first
  2. Be an industry expert
  3. Reflect a high standard
  4. Communicate clearly, accurately and thoroughly
  5. Honour your community

Send kudos via the website, through REALTOR Link® and the Paragon Message of the Day, or by clicking the links available in the upcoming NewsReal articles with tips and reminders. We’ll add the names of these awesome Realtors to our list every day. Don’t be surprised if your name turns up!

Visit the RESPECT website and Kudos Central to tell us about the REALTORS® you love to work with!  Read what Realtors are saying about their peers in the Testimonials.