Tech Tip # 9 – Updating Your Contact Information on FVREB Connect

To ensure your most up-to-date contact information is available for your fellow agents on Paragon and®, use the ‘My-Profile’ page on FVREB Connect.

This one-stop solution will automatically sync your contact information with all single sign-on applications within two hours. With this automation, you are no longer required to call the Board office to update your contact information.

On FVREB Connect, click on ‘My FVREB’, then click on ‘My Profile’.

On this page you will be once again asked for your Paragon password. If the password is entered incorrectly, you will see a “stuck” with a spinning wheel.

Now enter your updated contact information.

Keep your default phone number/mobile number, email address and website address up to date to ensure business doesn’t stop and you are always reachable by your fellow agents.