Tech Tip 10: Resizing and Uploading Photos in Paragon

When uploading photos to a listing on Paragon, you may have encountered the message “image too small.”

Ideally each photo you upload must have a maximum resolution of 3072 by 2304 pixels.

However, if your photos have a resolution of less than 640 x 480 pixels each, an online tool such as “Image Resizer” will be needed to increase the resolution of your photos. Keep in mind you are artificially increasing the size photo so it’s advisable to start with a quality image of high resolution.

Artificially increasing the resolution size will help you meet the photo requirements in Paragon but will likely result in poor picture quality.

To achieve the minimum requirements for photo size, follow these steps:

  1. Drag and drop your image(s) into the online resizer.

2. Under resize settings in “Image Resizer”, set the width to 3000px and leave the aspect ratio locked so the height automatically adjusts.

3. Click resize and then click download. You can find your resized image in the downloads folder ready to be uploaded to Paragon.

Remember, there is no substitute for good photo quality and understanding the optimal photo size requirements for Paragon is crucial to optimizing your listings on