SentriKey® Device Reset Service

If you have ever replaced your phone, or forgotten to update your SentriKey® app during Board hours and been unable to show a home, we have good news for you!

As of December 6, you can now register your new device with SentriLock after hours.

You are no longer limited to registering your new phone during the Board’s office hours.

While Board staff will continue to provide this service during business hours, you can now call SentriLock’s support team on weekends and evenings.

In May 2023, work was done to ensure all SentriLock and SentriKey® users were required to create two security questions as part of a series of security enhancements. These enhancements now allow SentriLock support staff to assist you outside of business hours with your SentriKey® Real Estate mobile app.

To contact the Board to reset your device, call 604-930-7640, or the MLS® Department directly at 604-930-7639. To reset your device after hours, contact SentriLock’s support team at 1-877-736-8745 or

Please note that new members who have not yet set up their SentriLock account at the Board, must still contact the Board’s MLS® team to initiate setup.