Ode to REALTOR® Load

REALTOR® Load was a local invention
Fondly nicknamed ADT; the tool saved time
And had members undivided attention
Usage was high, 80 per cent in its prime

Alas, all good things must come to an end
Members will submit their last REALTOR® Load
Monday, December 16 at 8:59 am
After that, there’s a new listing data road

Upload Listing is the new kid in town
Find it on CREA WEBForms® 2019
It’s the new cloud platform, not yet renowned
It will be soon; as members become keen

Let’s raise a glass to say thanks to ADT
And especially the team behind WEBForms® Legacy!

That’s our little tribute to the end of an era here at the Board.

Fraser Valley members will say goodbye to one of their favourite locally-developed REALTOR® tools on Monday, December 16 – REALTOR® Load (ADT); and, then on January 2, 2020, will say farewell to one of the most popular and successful tools ever developed in organized real estate in Canada – WEBForms®. Home-grown here at FVREB.

Developed here at ‘the little board that could’ 20 years ago and launched Canada-wide by CREA in 2001, WEBForms® revolutionized the real estate transaction.

REALTORS® could access, build and share the most up to date contract forms and then starting in 2010 here at the FVREB, could upload the MLS® data from those forms directly to the Board using REALTOR® Load Automated Data Transfer (ADT).

Members loved the ease and efficiency of the WEBForms® / ADT combo and greatly appreciated the extra assurance of Fraser Valley Board staff checking that what was being uploaded was accurate.

CREA announced last year that they would be partnering with a new third-party provider to host WEBForms® on a new platform and that effective December 31, 2019, would be dismantling the old platform (WEBForms® Legacy) and along with it, REALTOR® Load (ADT).

As we’ve been systematically informing members, CREA is turning ADT off this coming Monday, December 16 at 9 am and then in two weeks, on January 2, CREA will turn WEBForms® Legacy off as well.

All staff here at the Board – in particular the small, but mighty local WEBForms® team – are gratified by your appreciation of their hard work. Members were consistently uploading over 80 per cent of FVREB’s listings using the WEBForms® / ADT combo.

As you raise a holiday glass of cheer to salute and say goodbye to the WEBForms® team – Jean-François, Warren, Brian, April, Eva, Derek, Vincent and Moreen – it’s time to embrace the new CREA WEBForms® 2019 platform on TransactionDesk, along with its new Upload Listing tool.

If you haven’t started migrating your transaction kits – you’d better get on it! You have two weeks to move any kits that you want to save for reference from WEBForms® Legacy to the new platform. When you move them to CREA WEBForms® 2019, they’ll be added as read-only PDFs.

Once CREA turns WEBForms® Legacy off on January 2, neither members or Board staff will have any access to historical kits.

A whole new era will begin.