New Guidebooks to use with your clients

The process of buying and selling real estate is a complex one, yet there are many clients who know little about what is required of themselves or their Realtor to get a deal done.

And come to think of it, when was the last time you made a list of all the ways that you assist clients to complete a successful transaction, from start to finish?  You understand the market; you know the history and trends of neighbourhoods, regulations, infrastructure, projections, pricing, financing, and legal aspects. You do far more than someone who simply lists on MLS®, takes photos, shows homes and arranges open houses.

Well, now potential clients will know it too.

Hot off the press are the newly released Buyer’s and Seller’s Guidebooks that Realtors can use to educate their clients about the real estate process, and a tool to market themselves and their proven value as professional agents. These straightforward, informative and attractive Guidebooks were developed by the Board’s Professional Standards Special Committee (PSSC) and are available to Board members and the public, courtesy of the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board.

By providing your clients with a more in-depth look at the stages of a real estate transaction, they will better understand your role as a Realtor and the value you bring to the process.

All Fraser Valley brokers have been sent a sample copy of each of the print versions to share and discuss with other members in their offices.

The Guidebooks are available to members as full-colour printed booklets, ordered from the Board at cost, or in digital PDF format, for free, downloadable from the ‘Professionalism Matters’ section of REALTOR Link®.

Members are able to personalize the digital versions with their name and contact information on the inside cover.

Alternatively, Realtors can order print versions and attach a cover letter and business card to the booklets. The printed versions can be ordered from the Board using a form posted on REALTOR Link® and either delivered to your office via Realty-to-Realty at the beginning of each week, or picked up at the Board office.

Digital copies of the Guidebooks are also available to the public on the Board’s website, where the consumer information pages have recently been updated.

There, people can read about what to expect from a professional Realtor, the benefits of using a Realtor, and what to do if they have any serious issues while working with one.

The PSSC hopes that members will find the guides useful components of their professional toolkit.