NEW SentriLock SentriGuard® Lockboxes now available for purchase at the board.

Important reminder that Sentrilock will be retiring the SentriCard January 1, 2024.

NEW SentriGuard® Lockboxes

The board is pleased to announce that SentriGuard® next-generation electronic lockboxes are now available for purchase.

The SentriGuard® lockboxes are equipped with enhanced features such as:

  • Fastest access: TOUCH-N-SHOW contactless entry securely open the lockbox in 2 seconds with a tap of an NFC-enabled phone.
  • Extra-Large Key Bin
  • The longest battery life
  • Physical security and durability have been improved.
  • A 10-year warranty is provided (lost or stolen lockboxes are not covered by the warranty)
  • A FlexCode™ can be assigned (for a period of 30 minutes to a max. of 31 days). To generate a code on the SentriKey App or Sentrilock website, the lockbox owner must enter the name of the person who will receive it, then select a start and end date. The generated FlexCode™ is immediately available for use on the lockbox, expiring automatically on the end date.

The cost of a SentriGuard® lockbox is $164.13 plus taxes.

More information can be found here.


As announced on October 13, 2021, in eMemo #4138, ALL SentriCard functions will be retired effective January 1, 2024. This means that the following functions will NOT be possible, by any users:

  • Opening Lockboxes with a SentriCard
  • Releasing Shackles with a SentriCard
  • Assigning a lockbox to a listing with a Sentricard
  • Renewing of a SentriCard
  • Transferring ownership of non-Bluetooth lockboxes (even staff at the Board office, will not be able to complete the transfer)
  • Additional features (e.g., troubleshooting, setting a lockbox clock on a lockbox that is not Bluetooth, customization of lockboxes such as access times, enabling/disabling CBS Mode and Contractor Codes, region customization, lockbox borrow status, lockbox calibration, etc.)

While most members have already migrated from the SentriCard to the SentriKey Real Estate app, if need assistance with downloading or setting up your SentriKey app, or you have any questions about these changes, please contact our Lockbox Services Lead Raj Virk or 604-930-7640.