Introducing Legal Update 2018

Council is changing Legal Update, the required relicensing course, to meet the Independent Advisory Group recommendation that required continuing education for licensees “be strengthened with improved content about ethics and a licensee’s duties to consumers.”

Note: Legal Update is now managed through BCREA. If you have any questions, please contact BCREA directly (see details below). The FVREB is a venue for the course, but we cannot assist with any administration, registration or technology-related questions.

The 2018 course has two parts:
1. an online self-paced component, and
2. a classroom day.

This new blended learning model aims to provide learners additional time to learn the updated material before the classroom session. The online modules have taken between five to twelve hours to complete, and require learners to pass quizzes to proceed through the material. Classroom sessions will remain five hours, will include more in-depth discussions of the material.

The fee for the new blended course is $275 plus GST (or $288.75 including taxes) and covers both components. Online, province-wide registration is open now for a limited number of courses: More courses will be available shortly.

If your license expires on or before June 30, 2018 you may be able to take the online Legal Update 2017 to meet your relicensing requirements, see the information on the Council’s website at about your options.

If you have questions regarding the new 2018 RECBC Legal Update, please contact BCREA at or 1-604-683-7702 ext. 3.