Here’s to the unsung heroes in MLS®!

Former US Attorney General Bobby Kennedy’s drive and focus were legendary. Early on in his tenure, so one story goes, he and a colleague were driving home late one evening after a particularly long week of work and as they drove by the office of his political adversary at the time, he saw that the lights were still on. Kennedy turned the car around and headed back to his own office. “If he’s still at it, then so are we!” he said.

True or not, the story underscores a work ethic that was verifiably indisputable and describes an equivalent level of commitment right here at the Fraser Valley Board. The past 10 months or so have been like no other in recent (or any!) history for the BC housing market. REALTORS® have been challenged and tested at every turn to keep up with raging demand – amid a pandemic, no less!

And as busy as things have been for our members, they’ve been exponentially so here at the Board, particularly for our MLS® staff. If you stop to think about it, for every single individual member sale processed or query answered, there are dozens more just like it from other members, processed and answered by that very same MLS® staff, during the very same time frame. That’s a lot of processing – and the numbers bear this out.

“The volume has increased and continues unabated,” says Cheryl Camara, MLS® Manager at FVREB. “Whereas in the past, we would normally average 100 to 125 sales each day, we’re now seeing sales in the 200s and 300s on multiple days of the month – and that’s becoming the norm.”

The past couple of months have seen records set – and broken. For example, in March the MLS® team processed 485 sales in a single weekend. And, during the April long weekend, along with all the listings and amendments, they processed 308 sales, with another 399 the following weekend.

“While we typically try to keep overtime and weekend work to a minimum, we also understand how important it is to support members in a timely manner, so sometimes it’s necessary to go the extra mile – or two, or three,” says Camara.

The bottom line is, when you work hard, they work hard. So, the next time you’re on the phone or email with your favourite MLS® staff, keep in mind her top priority is supporting your needs – because that’s what true teamwork looks like in action.

Kudos to Cheryl and her team!

Sources: FVREB Communications & MLS®