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COVID-19 – Residential Tenancy Repayment Plans Update

Today’s eMemo contains the following updates:

  • Residential Tenancy Repayment Plans Update

Residential Tenancy Repayment Plans Update

Late yesterday, the BC Government published a repayment framework for residential tenants who have fallen behind in their rent, along with a couple of other announcements about residential tenancies.

Here are the key points on the repayment plan:

  • the residential eviction ban will be lifted before September 1 (which means full rent will be due in September);
  • late payments during the emergency period are not considered cause for eviction and a tenant cannot be evicted for unpaid rent during the emergency unless they have defaulted on their repayment plan;
  • tenants who have fallen behind in their rent will have until July 2021 to pay it back, as long as they make monthly installments (landlords can’t charge late fees);
  • the first installment will be due 30 days from when the landlord presents the repayment plan – probably October 1 for most tenants; and
  • landlords and tenants can still negotiate additional terms, as needed.

For example, a renter owing $2,000 in unpaid rent will receive a repayment framework that sets out:

  • the total amount of rent still owed ($2,000);
  • the amount the renter is expected to pay each month, with the total owing split into installments (e.g., $200 each month from October 2020 to July 2021);
  • the date of the first payment is due (Oct. 1, 2020).

The news release includes these additional important announcements:

  • no rent increases can take effect until December 1, 2020; and
  • landlords to have the ability to restrict access to common spaces for COVID-19-related health reasons.

Source: FVREB Communications

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