2021 AGM Survey Summary

The 2021 FVREB Annual General Meeting was held last month amid the challenges and constraints caused by the pandemic. Congratulations to our new President Larry Anderson and the new Directors elected to the Board (see the full press release here).  

Due to the ban on large group gatherings, this year’s event was entirely dependent on technology as the meeting was live-streamed to members. Nonetheless, over 650 attendees tuned in for our first-ever virtual AGM, and while several members had technical issues, the vast majority were able to take part, vote on resolutions or ask questions without a hitch.

Overall, members were happy with the way the AGM was conducted this year. On a scale from 1 to 10, members rated the success of the meeting an average of 7, with 60% of members rating the AGM an 8 or better. Other survey results include:

  • Members were largely satisfied with each of the various segments of the meeting – President’s Report, CEO Report, Finance Report, Nominating Committee Report – giving each segment a rating of nearly 4 out of 5 in terms of being “useful/informative”. And – no surprise – members rated the John Armeneau Award segment even higher at 4.25 out of 5. Congratulations again to awardee John Corrie for this well-deserved honour and his eloquent remarks.
  • Members were equally satisfied with the technology employed during the meeting, rating each of “registration process”, “voting process” and “tech support” greater than 4 out of 5. The “ask a question” process received a slightly lower rating (3.5), likely reflecting members’ lesser satisfaction with the limited capacity for a more fluid, live interaction and exchange. As adept as we have all become over the past year to using zoom and other online tools to conduct business, nothing can replace the immediate dynamic of face-to-face interactions and networking. We truly hope to be in a position to do so next year, but if not, we will provide a solution that better satisfies this element.
  • Members identified Board emails, Morning Member Meetings, REALTOR Link® and the AGM Package as their top sources of information for understanding the Special Resolutions. However, the overall average score of six out of ten suggests there is room to improve this aspect. We will definitely take this into consideration for next year.
  • Among additional takeaways is the perennial request to find ways to shorten the proceedings. Although this year’s AGM agenda was considerably shorter than last year’s, the Q&A component required slightly more time to conduct due to the nature of the submission process, which we were committed to in the interest of transparency. Again, we will take this feedback into the planning process for next year in our quest for continuous improvement on behalf of members.

The Board thanks all survey respondents for your highly valuable feedback (and congrats to Erica Tucker, winner of our draw for a SentriLock lockbox!). As always, we welcome your comments and feedback at any time – please share your thoughts by emailing us at communications@fvreb.bc.ca.

Source: FVREB Communications